September 17, 2016

After decrying the Wall Street policies and behavior that made him extravagantly rich, millionaire moneyman and liberal candidate for the U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale said in an interview with WUOG earlier this week that, “capitalism just doesn’t work.”

He went on to mimic socialist Bernie Sanders saying, “these are bad policies where all the benefits of trade and productivity have gone to increasing profits for corporations.”

Barksdale, who continues to shift his rhetoric further and further to the left, got his start on Wall Street -working for Merrill Lynch – before opening his own wealth management firm that invests heavily in Wall Street banks and huge, multi-national corporations like Wal-Mart and Exxon Mobile Corp.

“Jim Barksdale’s resume is in stark contrast with his rhetoric,” said Ryan Mahoney, spokesman for the Georgia Republican Party.  “Capitalism ‘worked’ for Barksdale who now has millions of dollars to fund his ill-fated run for U.S. Senate.  What ‘doesn’t work’ is Barksdale’s ‘Man of the People’ act and the radical, left wing agenda he’s trying to sell to Georgia voters.”

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