Carter “Can’t Have it Both Ways” on Economic Incentives

September 5, 2014

Last month, State Senator Jason Carter began attacking Governor Nathan Deal on the same economic policies that made Georgia the #1 state for business.  Carter declared that the incumbent governor has “not articulated any vision at all” and chastised Deal’s “grab bag of economic incentives.”

As we have seen with education, budgeting, and political appointments, Jason Carter likes to attack policies he once supported.  This line of attack is no different.

During his time in office, Carter voted for his share of “grab bag of economic incentives” including:

  • House Bill 958, which provides a state income tax credit for qualified entertainment production companies and food banks.
  • House Bill 868, which provides income tax credits for businesses in underdeveloped parts of the state.
  • House Bill 318, which enhances the Georgia Tourism Development Act.

Like Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson said, “The oldest rule in politics is…you can’t have it both ways.”

So, what’s Jason Carter’s explanation for this incredibly misleading attack on Governor Deal? 

It’s simple: Jason Carter is so desperate to win that he will say (and do) anything – even if it’s completely contradictory to his voting record.

Thankfully, Georgia voters are catching on to Carter’s con. Under Governor Deal’s leadership, our state is #1 in the nation for business.  Georgia has added over 12,600 new businesses and 294,403 private-sector jobs.  Our economy has seen $17.3 billion in investments.  Georgia’s economy is on the rise. We don’t need an out-of-touch liberal at the helm of state government. We need four more years of Nathan Deal.

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