Carter “Can’t Have it Both Ways” With His GrandDaddy’s Money

September 4, 2014

When Jason Carter announced his candidacy for the State Senate, everyone wanted to know what role his grandfather, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, would have in his grandson’s political career.

Carter made numerous statements tying himself to his grandfather’s legacy; saying, “the fact that Jimmy Carter is my grandfather…gives me a profile and it gives me an opportunity.

But that was when he was running to represent one of the most liberal Senate districts in Georgia.  Now, as he runs for governor, Carter’s admiration of the former president varies by audience.

During a rally in Athens, Carter told the crowd that he didn’t want to be introduced as Jimmy Carter’s grandson.  “I stand on my own two feet,” said Carter. “The question is not about Jimmy Carter, it’s about Jason Carter.”

Several months later, Jason Carter was back to singing his grandfather’s praises.  Carter told WSB that his grandfather was “very involved in the campaign.”  The New York Times reported that the extent of Jimmy Carter’s involvement as an advisor in Jason’s campaign was so great that strategists now include him on their daily email updates.

Not only did Jimmy Carter morph into Jason Carter’s top advisor, but the elder Carter also became the campaign’s top fundraiser, headlining events in Washington, Los Angeles, Plains, Georgia, and Jason Carter’s hometown of Chicago.

Most recently, Jimmy Carter faced intense media scrutiny for his extreme views on Israel. In an OpEd featured on, President Jimmy Carter accused Israel of “deliberate attacks on civilians in conflict” that violated international law and should be considered as “war crimes.” He urged U.S. lawmakers to join him in recognizing Hamas as a “legitimate political actor.”

What was Jason Carter’s response to his grandfather’s extreme ideology? Silence. 

But Georgians are not letting Jason Carter off the hook on this one. Recently, an article featured in the The Atlanta Jewish Times called for Carter to refund some $500,000 in funds that Jimmy Carter raised for him.  ”I just do not trust that Jason Carter will keep a focus on Israel or the interests of the Jewish community because of his continued association with Jimmy Carter. The ties to his grandfather remain too strong. While Jason Carter can’t do anything about his lineage and family history, he can do something about the financial umbilical cord provided by his grandfather, President Jimmy Carter.”

Like Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson said, “The oldest rule in politics … is you can’t have it both ways.” 

By taking his granddaddy’s money and refusing to condemn the former president’s extremism, Jason Carter has shown his true colors.  He’s not a man that stands on his own two feet.  He’s not independent or impartial.  Jason Carter is a pawn of radical, out-of-state liberals who want to advance their big government agenda in Georgia.  Carter’s carefully choreographed song and dance with his grandfather is just another way that he’s looking to mislead Georgia voters.

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