August 12, 2014

(Atlanta, Georgia) – Liberal gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter says that education has suffered under Governor Deal’s leadership but his voting record tells another story.  While in the State Senate, Sen. Carter voted for three of Governor Deal’s budgets that included increases in education spending.  But after declaring his run for governor, Carter voted against the Deal budget that added over half a billion to Georgia’s education system.

“Senator Jason Carter has spent too much time with his liberal buddies in Chicago,” said Chairman John Padgett.  “He thinks that with enough rhetoric he can hide the fact that he cares more about advancing his own career than improving the education system in Georgia.

“How can Carter criticize Governor Deal for ‘underfunding’ education when he backed three of his budgets? How can Carter say that our education system needs to be appropriately funded but vote against a budget that contains the largest spending increase for education in seven years?”

The 2014-2015 budget included $45 million in innovation funding to bring all classrooms online, created the HOPE grant, and provided SHEP funding- which put thousands of Georgians back to work while increasing global trade and strengthening Georgia’s economy. The budget also included over $18,000,000 for DeKalb County schools: the same school system that Jason Carter represented at the time of the vote.

“Jason Carter has a lot of questions to answer,” said Chairman Padgett.  ”From questionable fundraising efforts during the legislative session to his top advisor’s support of Hamas, his curious voting record on education spending and wavering support of Obamacare, Carter is a man of many words but of few explanations.”  

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