June 16, 2014

(Atlanta, Georgia) – When asked to affirm liberal state senator and gubernatorial candidate Jason Carter’s stance on Medicaid Expansion in Georgia, Carter spokesman Bryan Thomas claimed that “it’s not a yes or no question” referring to the controversial issue as a “false choice.” In response to Jason Carter’s inability to take a stand on any issue that could impact his long shot bid for governor, the Georgia Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Senator Jason Carter continues to show Georgia voters that he’s unfit to lead,” said Ryan Mahoney, spokesperson for the Georgia Republican Party.  “One day he adamantly backs a Medicaid Expansion option that costs more than what President Obama proposed.  The next, he refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of the question.

“Clearly, Jason Carter is more concerned with advancing his political career than providing the honest, steadfast leadership that Georgia voters deserve.  Instead of hiding from the issues that matter most, Carter should go ahead and pledge his public allegiance to President Obama and his failed liberal agenda.  At least then, Georgia voters will know that he stands for something.”

PolitiFact Georgia wrote Jason Carter “won’t give clear answers to the policy questions on voters’ minds.”

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