June 17, 2014

(Atlanta, Georgia) – Last Friday, liberal state senator Jason Carter told members of the Georgia School Board Association that raising taxes on Georgians to pay for increased education is not acceptable “right now.” In response to the self-proclaimed fiscal conservative’s comments, the Georgia Republican Party issued the following statement:

“Jason Carter is an Obama loyalist masquerading as a middle-of-the-road moderate,” said Ryan Mahoney, spokesperson for the Georgia Republican Party.  “He calls himself a fiscal conservative with a record of bipartisanship but he’s really just another big government, big debt liberal who can’t wait to bury hard working Georgians under new taxes and mandates.

“Under the bold, conservative leadership of Governor Nathan Deal, Georgia is growing and our state in now the number one place in the country to do business.  The last thing we need is a tax and spend Democrat like Jason Carter to stall job growth and threaten economic opportunity for future generations.”

To watch Jason Carter’s comments to the GSBA, click HERE.

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