August 19, 2013

(Atlanta, GA) 12th District GOP Chairman Lawton Sack met with local conservatives in Hazlehurst on Saturday morning to officially reorganize the Jeff Davis Republican Party and chart a course for growth.

“Jeff Davis County has the potential to become a strong County Party, especially with the experience and wisdom of the County leadership team,” said 12th District GOP Chairman Lawton Sack. “Three former County Chairs and other local grassroots leaders have joined with Chase Hall, the new County Chair, to help move the Party forward.”

“As I left the reorganizational meeting on Saturday, I had a feeling of great anticipation for their future due to the energy and excitement of those in attendance,” said Sack. “They had many ideas already of what they could do to not only build their Party, but also those in the surrounding counties.”

Under the leadership of newly elected Chairman Chase Hall, the Jeff Davis GOP will go through a multistep process to become an officially recognized organization of the Georgia Republican Party.

“This Party is blessed to have dedicated volunteers like Chairman Lawton Sack and Chase Hall who are willing to sacrifice their time and talent for the sake of growing the Georgia Republican Party,” said GAGOP Chairman John Padgett. “We wish the Jeff Davis GOP all the best in the coming months and we look forward to working sidebyside with them as they grow in size and strength.”

Jeff Davis is the second county party reorganized under Chairman John Padgett. In June, Screven County was reorganized.

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