August 26, 2013

(Atlanta, GA) Following the endorsement today of U.S. Senate Candidate Michelle Nunn (D-Georgia) by the notoriously left-leaning, pro-abortion organization EMILY’s List, the Chairwoman of the GAGOP Faith-based Outreach Committee Terri Green issued the following statements:

“The endorsement of Michelle Nunn’s Senatorial Campaign by EMILY’s List comes as no surprise. Despite Nunn’s attempts to paint herself as an independent problem solver, we all know that she’s a calculated liberal, who will work tirelessly to advance the Obama Agenda by voting lockstep with Harry Reid and other leftwing Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

“EMILY’s List is a radical DC based organization that is proud to support taxpayer-funded abortions. By accepting the support of this unapologetically liberal group, Nunn is once again proving how out-of-touch she is with Georgia a state that is proud to be prolife!

“If Michelle Nunn wants to continue her overt ruse, she should at least denounce the support of EMILY’s List and pledge to protect Georgia’s conservative values at all costs.”

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