Nunn’s Peach State Pledge Another Political Stunt

July 10, 2014

Democrat Michelle Nunn’s latest campaign stunt is her so-called “Peach State Pledge,” where she claims to oppose spending by outside groups and super PACs.  In reality, Nunn loves collecting money from special interest groups and plans to use money from DC Democrats and out-of-state liberals to buy herself a Senate seat in the Peach State.

“Nunn’s so-called ‘Peach State Pledge’ is nothing more than a political stunt,” said Leslie Shedd, spokeswoman for Georgia Victory.  ”It’s the latest attempt by the Democrat to mislead Georgia voters into believing she’s something she’s not.  The truth is that Nunn’s campaign is being funded by outside money raised by DC Democrats and liberal special interest groups.  Nunn will directly benefit from the super PAC that was formed by her campaign chairman’s partner to exclusively raise money to spend supporting her Senate bid.  It’s hypocritical, deceptive, and an absolute sham.”


Democrat Michelle Nunn Has a Super PAC. Yep, you read that right.  While Nunn publicly claims she opposes spending by super PACs, she has her own super PAC.  The super PAC, called Georgians Together, was formed by Keith Mason, a registered lobbyist who lobbied the Senate as recently as 2011.  And Mason is directly tied to Nunn’s campaign – he is her campaign chairman’s partner at the lobbying firm McKenna Long & Aldridge.

Democrat Michelle Nunn Takes Big Bucks from Special Interest Groups.  Nunn has the support of some of the country’s most liberal special interest groups, including the pro-abortion EMILY’s List.  As of April 2014, EMILY’s List has contributed over $87,000 to her campaign – making the special interest group Nunn’s largest contributor.

Special Interest Group EMILY’s List Created a Super PAC for Nunn. In addition to donating from their own coffers, the pro-abortion, DC-based special interest group EMILY’s List set up a super PAC that is solely dedicated to raising money for Nunn’s campaign.  The super PAC is called Georgia Women Vote!, and will most certainly spend big bucks to elect Nunn in November.

Democrat Michelle Nunn Will Benefit from Money from Outside Groups. As the AJC‘s Greg Bluestein points out, “By their nature, super PACs aren’t allowed to coordinate with campaigns, so even if the three candidates agree to ‘refuse’ the ads, they could continue to run unabated.”  In other words, Nunn can request this pledge while still benefiting from outside money.  That’s the definition of a political stunt.

Democrat Michelle Nunn’s Campaign Is Funded by Outside Money. The AJC released a telling look at Nunn’s campaign finances last week that revealed that the majority of the money Nunn has raised has come from outside of Georgia.  According to the report, “Nunn raised $2.7 million in Georgia – and $3 million outside of it.”  As an interesting note, Nunn was just in her hometown of Washington DC yesterday to raise more out-of-state money that is fueling her campaign.

Barack Obama’s Super PAC, Organizing For Action, Named Michelle Nunn As One Of Its Top Priorities. According to Politico, OFA will use its campaign war chest to help elect Nunn, “marking the first time that President Barack Obama’s political arm has explicitly crossed into Democratic politics.”

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