August 25, 2016

Following the State Department’s announcement that the $400 million dollars given to Iran earlier this year was contingent on the release of U.S. hostages, Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson decried President Obama’s ill-advised deal with the world’s leader in state-sponsored terrorism.  Isakson’s opponent, liberal moneyman Jim Barksdale, as usual had nothing to say.

Earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation unearthed 15,000 e-mails from Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server that were not released during the probe.  Politicians and pundits alike criticized Clinton for lying to the FBI and the American people.  Jim Barksdale, staying true to form, remained silent.

“When it comes to electing public servants at all levels of government, we need proven leaders with bold ideas for innovation and progress,” said Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett.  “We need elected officials with integrity who share our conservative, Georgia values.  We need leaders who will be our voice in City Hall, the State House, and the U.S. Capitol.

“Jim Barksdale is unfit to serve as our U.S. Senator.  He refuses to stand up against Party leaders when they break the law.  He is simply a puppet candidate with little to offer other than DNC talking points and baseless, cookie-cutter attacks.

“With the November election closing in, it’s time for Georgia voters to reject the empty suit candidate and commit to re-electing Johnny Isakson as our U.S. Senator.  We know where Johnny stands on the issues.  We’ve seen his bold leadership in action.  Johnny isn’t afraid to call out corruption and hypocrisy when he sees it.  Jim Barksdale could obviously learn a few things from the ‘Hardest Working Man’ in Washington.”

Like Hillary Clinton, Jim Barksdale is long overdue for a press conference to discuss key issues impacting Georgia voters.  His last gathering with the media was 3 months ago on May 26, 2016.

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