Online Voter Registration Encourages Minority Engagement

April 3, 2014

By: Leo Smith, Minority Engagement Director (Georgia Republican Party)

This week, Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp modernized voter registration in Georgia.

Through the Secretary of State’s website and the My Voter Page app, which is mobile and tablet-friendly, Georgia citizens with a valid driver’s license can become a part of the political process with just a few clicks.

While modernizing the voter registration process is advantageous for all parties and people, the opportunities this initiative provides to the Georgia Republican Party, and specifically to the Minority Engagement efforts of the State Party, are nothing short of game changing.

For anyone that’s ever been involved in the voter registration aspect of grassroots activism, you know that after selling yourself, selling the concept of civic engagement through voting, and selling the urgency of the upcoming election, the lengthy voter registration form coupled with archaic protocol is often a deal breaker for the potential voter.  The struggle to “seal the deal” requires more money, more resources, and more time.  Too often, the result ends with constituent voices not being at the voting table.

With online voter registration, the boundaries to involvement are dramatically reduced.  The ultimate beneficiary is the cause, organization, or candidate with the right message, at the right time.  In my opinion, the organization that stands to gain the most from the modernization of the voter registration process is the Georgia Republican Party.

With the State Party’s robust voter registration drive set to launch this summer, the ability to register online and through a mobile and tablet-friendly app will expedite the registration process and ultimately enhance the number of conservatives we add to the voter roles.  With hundreds of precinct captains and thousands of volunteers mobilized throughout the state, we can incorporate the new technology into our existing strategy to bring more Georgians to the table of civic engagement.

While Secretary Kemp’s announcement is the trending story in Georgia politics this week, one inspiring point is often left out of the narrative.  In Augusta, where the Secretary announced the implementation of this legislatively approved initiative, West High School valedictorian Eniolufe Asebiomo, a Nigerian immigrant, was the “first” to officially register online using the MyVoter app.  Did you catch that? An immigrant turned valedictorian is taking advantage of his fundamental right to be a part of a government system that is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

And for minority voters like Eniolufe, who are looking to pass on the American Dream to their children and grandchildren, the Georgia Republican Party will be ready to engage through commonality and empower through a modernized voter registration process that enables, rather than inhibits, those who want to Choose Freedom at the ballot box.

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