Looks to Liberal Havens CA, NY for Help

(Atlanta, GA) – As Stacey Abrams struggles to find Georgia donors to support her unabashedly extremist campaign, she turns to California, New York and other liberal strongholds for money — and late-night talk show propaganda.

To date, 71 of Abrams’ campaign donations are from out-of-state contributors. Combined, Abrams’ campaign donations from New York, California, and Washington D.C. exceed all contributions she has received from Georgia since June 2017.

“Abrams can keep on California Dreamin’,” says Georgia Republicans’ Executive Director, Carmen Foskey Bergman. “Her recent campaign disclosures prove what we already assumed: Abrams has more in common with Californians Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters than she does with Georgia voters.”

No matter how many times you hear Abrams tout her “locally grounded” campaign with national talk show hosts like Samantha Bee or Jimmy Kimmel, remember to check her next campaign finance disclosures.

More than Stacey Abrams’ campaign dollars are out of state — so are her loyalties.

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