Failed Businesswoman Sarah Riggs Amico Steps Down From Position At Her Family’s Company


Desperate to save face for her Senate campaign, failed businesswoman Sarah Riggs Amico appears to be trying to distance herself from her scandal-plagued company. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Amico is stepping down as executive chair of her family’s trucking company, Jack Cooper.

Not only did Jack Cooper go bankrupt under Amico’s management, but it has also been sued for alleged racial discrimination by a supervisor toward employees. To make matters worse, the company has been labeled a “labor law violator” by the Teamsters, who filed unfair labor practice charges against Jack Cooper last year.

Fearing that her scandal-plagued tenure at Jack Cooper will drag down her Senate campaign, Amico is desperate to escape her failed business record and poor treatment of workers. Unfortunately for her, Georgia voters are taking notice and they know she’s unfit to serve in the United States Senate.

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