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Bloomberg Money Splits Georgia Democrats As Stacey Abrams Forced To Publicly Distance Herself From Liberal Billionaire

Atlanta, GA
– As liberal billionaire presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg spends millions of dollars purchasing the Georgia Democrat Party, his overt efforts to apparently buy support in the Peach State have split Democrats, foreshadowing a possibly brutal primary fight for Georgia’s presidential delegates. This continues to raise questions for Democrats running across the state, especially those campaigning for Senate.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution¬†reports that Stacey Abrams, who appeared at an event with Bloomberg after he wrote a $5 million check for her Fair Fight Action organization, was forced to publicly distance herself from the billionaire after getting “clobbered by supporters of U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.” To make matters worse, Abrams’ own political director put out a tweet calling Bloomberg a ”¬†true terrorist,” which he deleted afterward.

Bloomberg faces growing concerns over his history of sexism, racist comments, and controversial record as New York City mayor, but the backlash Abrams faced for her ties to Bloomberg show just how divided Georgia Democrats – even from her organization’s ranks – are on his spending in the state.

While Bloomberg’s activities sow division within their party, Georgia Democrat candidates running for statewide office – including Jon Ossoff, Teresa Tomlinson, Sarah Riggs Amico, Raphael Warnock, and Matt Lieberman – owe voters an answer on whether they support his attempts to buy support from Georgia politicians.

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