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Georgia Democrat Senate Candidates Embrace Socialism As Bernie Sanders Gains Momentum


Atlanta, GA – At last night’s Democrat presidential debate, self-described socialist candidate Bernie Sanders continued to gain momentum. Many analysts declared that his path to the nomination became much easier while rivals like Mike Bloomberg struggled.

The prospect of Sanders at the top of the Democrat ticket this November will be welcomed by Georgia Democrat Senate candidates who have openly embraced Sanders’ far-left agenda. Teresa Tomlinson has made no secret about her ties to socialism, stating in a Mother Jones interview that she’s so liberal that she could be thought of as a socialist while also claiming there’s no difference between socialism and “great government policy.” Tomlinson has also endorsed Sanders’ multi-trillion dollar socialist Green New Deal proposal.

Not to be out-done, Jon Ossoff has also embraced Sanders’ campaign tactics, with Vice writing that “the language he’s using this time around sounds like it’s cribbed straight from the playbook of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.” It’s no surprise Ossoff is embracing the Sanders wing of his party after Sanders endorsed his failed congressional bid in 2017.

No matter which candidate wins the Democrat nomination, they’ve made it abundantly clear that they will be following Bernie Sanders’ lead as they seek to turn Georgia blue. Voters will see that there is no daylight between Sanders’ socialism and what these Democrat Senate candidates are calling for, and they will reject their radical agenda at the ballot box this fall.

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