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While Some Democrats Run From Bernie Sanders’ Socialism, Georgia Senate Candidates Embrace It


Atlanta, GA – With socialist Bernie Sanders’ landslide Nevada Democrat presidential caucus win this weekend, he appears to be the front runner for his party’s nomination.

This weekend, The Washington Post reported that the very real possibility of Sanders at the top of the Democrat ticket is already causing heartburn for Democrats down-ballot, some of whom are already trying to “distance themselves” from his far-left agenda. But Georgia Democrat Senate candidates have done the opposite, embracing his radical politics as they try to prove who can be the most extreme.

Teresa Tomlinson has openly complimented socialist policies, endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, and even suggested that she could be accurately described as a socialist. Jon Ossoff has also been described as using the same “playbook” as Sanders, who endorsed his failed 2017 congressional bid.

With national Democrats appearing poised to elect a socialist to lead their party’s ticket in November, Jon Ossoff, Teresa Tomlinson, and Sarah Riggs Amico will fit nicely into Bernie Sanders’ new Democrat Party – should he win the nomination. They’ve made it clear that they are committed to putting Georgia and the United States on the path to socialism, and reversing the unprecedented prosperity we’ve experienced under President Donald Trump.

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