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Democrat Sarah Riggs Amico Endorses Joe Biden, Supporting His Radical Agenda


Georgia Democrat Senate candidates continue to race further left as our March 24th Presidential Preference Primary approaches.

Yesterday Sarah Riggs Amico became the first Democrat running against Senator David Perdue to endorse Joe Biden for president. Not only has Biden put forward a proposal that would increase taxes on working Americans by $4 trillion, but he has also endorsed the Green New Deal, a radical socialist environmental plan put forward by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez that could cost the average American household $75,000 in its first year to cover its multi-trillion dollar price-tag.

Previously Amico had avoided giving a direct answer on whether she supports the Green New Deal, but her endorsement of Biden is a definite indication that she would support the far-left proposal in the Senate.

By endorsing Biden’s candidacy, Amico has made it clear that she plans to support his high-tax agenda and socialist schemes that would decimate America’s economy. If elected, she would serve only his political ends and leave Georgia families forced to foot the bill.

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