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Senate Democrats Block Emergency Aid For American Families, Putting Partisanship First


Atlanta, GA – Last night, Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats made the shameful decision to block a $1.6 trillion emergency rescue package to address the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to claim lives across America.

In doing so, these Democrats have chosen to hold the American people hostage for their partisan political gains in the hopes to gain leverage to push their radical agenda during a time of crisis. Meanwhile, businesses are closing, jobs are being lost, and medical professionals are fighting on the front lines to save the lives of thousands of Americans.

But Georgia Democrats, including those running for Senate this November, haven’t uttered a word of condemnation or concern for their party’s conduct in the Senate. While Georgians continue to feel the increasing burden this virus has put on our society, Democrats in this state have made it clear they side with Chuck Schumer and his allies over struggling Georgia families.

“The Democrats’ shameful decision to put partisan politics over helping the American people in a time of unprecedented crisis is beyond shameful,” said Georgia Republican Party Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Countless families, businesses, and individuals across Georgia are suffering from the fallout of this pandemic, but because of Democrats’ refusal to act, they will have to wait even longer to get the help they desperately need.”

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