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Liberal Insider Jon Ossoff Goes To Bat For Senate Dems After They Block Emergency Aid For Georgia Families


Atlanta, GA – While Georgia families are suffering from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Liberal Insider Jon Ossoff is going out of his way to defend Senate Democrats for blocking a $1.6 trillion emergency aid package for the American people.

Today, Ossoff tweeted a shamelessly partisan attack on the aid package, falsely referring to it as a “$500 billion slush fund.” Ossoff ignores the truth that this bill would have provided desperately needed relief for countless American businesses, families, and individuals who are dealing with the impact of the virus. While medical professionals fight on the front lines to save lives, Ossoff is spending his time pushing misleading and damaging claims.

It’s no surprise Ossoff is going to bat for Washington D.C. Democrats over Georgia families. His failed 2017 campaign took large donations from Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC. Now, with Pelosi forcing Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats to block aid for working American families – after she made her chamber take a week-long recess – Ossoff is eagerly pushing out their false talking points so he can help promote their radical agenda at the expense of the public in a time of crisis.

In defending the shameful conduct of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, Ossoff has made it clear that he stands with radical Democrats pushing a partisan agenda, not working families across Georgia who need help now. He can’t be trusted to represent our state in the Senate.

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