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Teresa Tomlinson Tries To Fundraise Off Senate Democrats’ Decision To Block Emergency Aid For American Families


Atlanta, GA – As if defending Senate Democrats for blocking $1.6 trillion in emergency aid to address the coronavirus pandemic wasn’t shameful enough, at least one Georgia Democrat Senate candidate is now trying to raise money off of the halting of assistance for American families.

Socialist candidate Teresa Tomlinson sent out a fundraising email yesterday titled “A $500 billion slush fund,” parroting the exact same false talking points that Jon Ossoff used in his defense of Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi earlier the same day.

These Georgia Democrat Senate candidates continue to stoop to increasingly shameful new lows as they bend over backward to defend their party’s radical leaders. While they are doing this, Georgia families, businesses, and individuals continue to suffer from the effects of the coronavirus. As our medical professionals battle to save lives while working families lose their sources of income, Tomlinson, Ossoff and other Democrats are sending a clear message that they could care less about their well-being at this time of crisis.

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