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Atlanta, GA – While thousands of Georgia families struggle under the burden caused by the COVID-19 virus, liberal insider Jon Ossoff is taking advantage of this unprecedented public health crisis to promote his struggling Senate campaign.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Ossoff has unveiled his first campaign television ad. To make up for his lack of real-world experience or accomplishments, Ossoff’s ad seizes on the pandemic. His first impression to the people of Georgia appears to frame himself as an expert on public health, a field where he has no professional experience whatsoever.

This comes just one day after exposed Ossoff’s silence on COVID-19 for months before he began using the crisis to attack Republicans while acting the part of an armchair public health expert. Though the liberal insider has recently spent weeks playing Monday morning quarterback, stating that the need for action was “obvious” in his salvos against state and federal leaders, Ossoff continued in-person campaign events and fundraisers into March. He rarely addressed the virus for months, even as President Trump and U.S. governors began to take steps to slow its spread. Our own Senator David Perdue, in particular, has led in ensuring funding for healthcare professionals and relief for Georgia families. All while also supporting the 21st Century Cures Act, which became law in 2016 and paved the way for medical and disease research and prevention.

To make matters worse, this isn’t the first time Ossoff has tried to mislead voters into thinking he’s an expert on a complex issue of national importance. In his failed 2017 congressional bid, Ossoff was exposed for overstating his credentials on national security issues to convince voters he had more experience than he actually did.

“Taking advantage of a deadly pandemic that has placed unprecedented burdens on working families throughout Georgia is a shameful way to make a first impression on voters,” said Georgia Republican Party Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff’s eagerness to exploit COVID-19 to further his political aspirations shows that he can’t be trusted to represent Georgia in the United States Senate.”

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