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GOP’s Shafer Responds To “Ghoulish” Democrat Attacks On Kemp, Toomey


Atlanta, GA – Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer today responded to attacks on Governor Brian Kemp and Public Health Commissioner Kathleen Toomey by Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Nikema Williams.

Chairman David Shafer’s statement:

“The point of ‘flattening the curve’ was to prevent our hospital infrastructure from being overwhelmed, not to keep the entire population confined to their homes until every business is bankrupt or nationalized and all private-sector workers are jobless and on welfare.

“Governor Kemp’s shelter in place order has done its job by slowing the spread of coronavirus, sensitizing Georgians to the need for social distancing and allowing our hospitals additional time to prepare for the pandemic. Coronavirus hospitalizations are down dramatically, hospital ventilator use is at an all-time low, and fifty-one testing centers have been opened.

“In fact, all hospital admissions are down dramatically with thousands of Georgia hospital beds empty and hospital capacity at an all-time high.

“The Governor has been guided by the best of science and medicine. I have complete confidence in him and his team, including Dr. Toomey. His strategy is working. The Democratic attacks are unhelpful, irresponsible, and frankly, ghoulish.”

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