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Georgia Democrat Senate Candidates Silent As Sexual Assault Allegations Engulf Biden Campaign


Atlanta, GA – Georgia’s Democrat U.S. Senate candidates have been noticeably silent on the disturbing allegations of sexual assault that their party’s presumptive presidential nominee Joe Biden is now facing.

Tara Reade, who worked for Biden’s Senate office in the 1990s, has stated that she would be willing to testify under oath that Biden sexually assaulted her while she was under his employ. Ms. Reade’s claims have been corroborated by her former neighbor and a former colleague, giving credibility to her claims. In response, Biden’s surrogates have savagely attempted to discredit her as they’ve stuck by Biden.

But even as some Georgia Democrat leaders like Stacey Abrams have rushed to Biden’s defense without any hesitation, Teresa Tomlinson, Jon Ossoff, and Sarah Riggs Amico have refused to give any clear indication as to whether they will believe Biden or Ms. Reade.

“The allegations against Joe Biden are alarming and it is unacceptable for Georgia Democrat candidates to remain silent as their presumptive presidential nominee faces scandal,” said Georgia Republican Party Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Voters deserve to know if Georgia’s Democrat Senate candidates will proudly run with Biden in spite of his ongoing sexual assault accusations, or if they will call for his immediate replacement on their party’s ticket.”

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