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Georgia Democrat Senate Candidates Complicit in Joe Biden’s Pledge To Crush America’s Energy Potential and Kill Jobs


Atlanta, GA – Since day one of his Administration, President Trump has worked with U.S. Senator David Perdue to keep his promise to prioritize America’s energy independence, and as a result, today our country has been the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world.

But embattled Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden wants to kill critical energy projects and upend the positive results from the last three years. Terminating the Keystone XL pipeline project would cost tens of thousands of jobs and result in billions of dollars in lost wages. This is unacceptable at a time when over 36 million Americans have lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Biden, along with Georgia’s radical Democrat U.S. Senate candidates, supports the socialist Green New Deal plan that would hike taxes and reinstate the job-killing regulations from the Obama Administration. Neither Teresa Tomlinson, Jon Ossoff, nor Sarah Riggs Amico has had the courage to stand up to Joe Biden’s destructive agenda.

“President Trump and David Perdue are fighting for Georgia workers and economic growth while Joe Biden and his radical Democrat allies are on a mission to destroy the country’s energy potential,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “None of the Democrat U.S. Senate candidates have taken a clear position on their embattled presidential nominee’s new job-killing, energy-crushing policy. Georgians deserve to know where they stand.”

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