Press Contact: Stewart Bragg


Georgia GOP Condemns Fulton County’s Democrat Leadership For Incompetent Management Of Today’s Primary Vote


ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia Republican Party issued the following statement in response to the Democrat-controlled Fulton County government’s complete ineptitude in conducting today’s primary vote:

“Just hours into Election Day, it has already become painfully apparent that Fulton County’s Democrat leadership is woefully unprepared to conduct today’s primary vote,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “The chair of the Fulton County Registration and Elections Board is a Democrat donor and a Democrat primary voter whose failed management has led to long lines, voting machine malfunctions, and scores of other avoidable problems. This unacceptable incompetence will effectively disenfranchise countless eligible voters across Georgia’s largest county. Georgia voters deserve better from their public servants. Frustrated voters in Fulton County should contact their Democratic local elected official and demand change.”

For questions, contact Stewart Bragg at (404) 500-9546 or

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