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When Asked, Jon Ossoff Refuses To Tell Voters Where He Stands On Defunding The Police

With voters going to the polls for Georgia’s Senate primary today, privileged liberal insider Jon Ossoff doesn’t want voters to know where he stands on growing calls within his party to “defund the police.”

But that hasn’t stopped one of his top supporters, Socialist politician Ted Terry, from calling for not just the defunding, but the dismantling of law enforcement. Fox News reports that Terry endorsed the Minneapolis City Council’s decision to dismantle their police force and pledged to do the same in Georgia communities if elected to the DeKalb County Commission.

Notably, Ossoff refused to answer Fox News‘ request for comment on defunding the police, apparently indicating that he doesn’t want voters to know where he stands before they vote on whether he should be the Democrat Senate nominee. Unfortunately for Ossoff, Democrats around the country have been making it clear where they stand on this issue, even embattled presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“With liberal insider Jon Ossoff expected to become the Democrat Senate nominee, he’s desperate to delay answering whether he supports defunding or dismantling law enforcement for expressly political reasons,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “He clearly hopes to avoid a contentious issue that could infuriate his liberal base, only so he can oppose it and falsely portray himself as a centrist in the general election. His spineless refusal to tell voters where he stands further shows how unfit he is to represent Georgia families.”

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