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Liberal Elite Jon Ossoff Calls For “New Generation” Of Leadership While Supporting Career Politician Joe Biden


ATLANTA, GA – Elitist liberal Senate candidate Jon Ossoff tweeted over the weekend that it is “time for a new generation of leadership.” But if this is true, why are Ossoff and the national Democrat Party supporting a career politician who was first elected to office in 1970 as their presidential candidate?

Joe Biden, who is a member of the silent generation, has been in elected positions for most of his 77 years and only stopped in 2017 when his term as Vice President expired. Over his nearly five decades as a politician, Biden defined his legacy by opposing school integration and becoming the architect of the controversial 1994 crime bill. Biden joined the US Senate in 1973, 14 years before Jon Ossoff was born.

If Jon Ossoff truly believes it’s time for a “new generation” of leadership, he shouldn’t be supporting a presidential candidate who has spent most of the past 50 years in elected office propping up the status quo.

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