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Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff’s Embrace Of Stacey Abrams Raises Questions For His Campaign


ATLANTA, GA – Last night, privileged liberal Jon Ossoff went on MSNBC to join failed gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, one of the most radical politicians in Georgia, as she touted his candidacy. Abrams’ far-left record and management of a dark money entity – which Ossoff has stated his opposition to – raise serious questions for the Democrat candidate.

Abrams is well-known for embracing extreme political positions, backing the imposition of a socialist single-payer healthcare system, calling for higher taxes, and even indicating her support for allowing illegal immigrants to vote in America’s elections. Ossoff’s decision to embrace Abrams’ endorsement will leave voters wondering whether he agrees with her radical positions on these key issues.

But even more problematic for Ossoff, is the fact that Abrams is currently managing a dark money entity that is poised to spend millions of dollars in support of Ossoff and other Democrats in Georgia. Ossoff stated in a recent interview with Georgia Public Radio that one of his “top priorities” is “getting dark money out of politics,” yet he appears to have no issue accepting Abrams’ support on national TV.

Ossoff clearly has no intention of standing by his phony rhetoric on dark money. If he did, he would have refused support from Stacey Abrams and any other individual or organization that uses dark money to support political candidates.

Jon Ossoff is being exposed as a total fraud.

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