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Violent Crime Surges In Atlanta As Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Calls For Defunding Law Enforcement Services

ATLANTA, GA – Violent crime continues to surge in Atlanta while privileged liberal Jon Ossoff remains committed to stripping funding from vital law enforcement services.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that “93 people were shot in the city during the four-week period of May 31 to June 27, up drastically from 46 in the same period last year.” Jason Segura, president of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers’ local chapter, told The AJC that “officers are afraid to do their job” as the debate over the “Defund the Police” movement gains steam nationally.

Shortly after winning the Democrat Senate primary, Ossoff stated he believes police funding should be “on the line,” indicating his support for the radical “Defund the Police” movement. Not only has one of Ossoff’s top supporters openly called for the dismantling of law enforcement in DeKalb County, but most of his financial support comes from coastal bastions of liberal elitism like New York and California where some communities have already taken steps to defund law enforcement services.

“By putting his party’s radical agenda ahead of public safety, privileged liberal Jon Ossoff is enabling a movement that is literally putting Georgians’ lives at risk,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Cutting law enforcement resources in the middle of a crime surge would do nothing to promote equal justice and only weaken the security of communities most in need. Ossoff’s alarming lack of judgment further shows he can’t be trusted to lead.”

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