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BREAKING: Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff’s Bashes The PPP While Dad Uses It To Save Company


Atlanta, GA – Privileged liberal Jon Ossoff has been exposed as just another hypocritical politician after bashing the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) while his own father, Richard Ossoff, used a loan from the program to save his company.

While Senator David Perdue was supporting small businesses through his work on the CARES Act, Ossoff viciously attacked it as only benefiting wealthy Americans. But now The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Richard Ossoff’s Atlanta-based company Strafford Publications, Inc., received between $350,000 and $1 million from the PPP on June 9. The loan saved 30 jobs, according to federal records. PPP was part of the CARES ACT, a federal coronavirus relief bill.

For many years, Richard Ossoff has personally subsidized his son’s lifestyle, buying him a house while he lived in Washington D.C., and being party to almost all of his business filings. While Ossoff has only worked as a junior U.S. House of Representatives staffer and a part-time documentary filmmaker, his net worth is estimated to be as high as $8 million.

“Jon Ossoff was so desperate to bash the PPP for his own partisan ends, he thought no one would notice his own father using it to save his business,” said GA GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “While Senator Perdue was delivering results for Georgia families struggling with COVID-19, Ossoff was busy making hypocritical attacks on a program that has saved over 1.5 million Georgia jobs. As someone whose father directly benefited from the PPP, Ossoff is proving that he’s nothing but a typical politician who will say anything to win an election.”

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