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NEW: Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Caught In Another Lie

Atlanta, GA – Privileged liberal and serial liar Jon Ossoff continues to try and mislead voters, proving he’ll say anything to win an election. Now he’s lying about healthcare issues during a pandemic to score political points. reports that Ossoff was caught on video falsely claiming that the Trump administration threatened a CDC official. Joe Biden made a similar assertion months ago about the same official and not only did rate the statement as “misleading,” but The Washington Post‘s fact-checkers gave it “four pinocchio’s” and called it part of a “false narrative.”

This isn’t the first time Ossoff has misled Georgians. In 2017 during his failed $30 million congressional bid, he repeatedly made false claims that he was a national security expert, and this year he’s claimed that he opposes dark money and corporate donations in politics while touting the support of Stacey Abrams, who currently runs a dark money group.

“Jon Ossoff continues to prove that he is simply unable to be truthful with the people of Georgia,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff is knowingly spreading false claims on healthcare issues in the midst of a pandemic. His eagerness to mislead Georgians shows an alarming recklessness and raises questions about what else he might be lying about to voters.”

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