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Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff Refuses To Acknowledge PPP Hypocrisy


Last week, it was revealed that privileged liberal Jon Ossoff publicly trashed the Paycheck Protection Program while his father used it to save his struggling company. In response to this bombshell report, Ossoff still won’t acknowledge that his father directly benefited from a program that he harshly criticized. Instead, he has continued to push false attacks against Senator David Perdue.

Ossoff does this in spite of the Senator’s pivotal role in passing the PPP – which has saved over 1.5 million Georgia jobs, including 30 jobs at his father’s publishing corporation – and the Senator’s success in securing $41 billion in federal aid for Georgia, much of which has gone to frontline healthcare workers.

“Privileged liberal Jon Ossoff’s refusal to acknowledge his shameful hypocrisy on the PPP is just another example of why he doesn’t belong in the United States Senate,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Instead of falsely attacking Senator Perdue to further his political agenda, Ossoff should be thanking the Senator for passing legislation that appears to have saved his father’s company.”

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