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Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff’s Corporate PAC Money Hypocrisy Grows Worse

ATLANTA, GA – Privileged Liberal Jon Ossoff’s shameful corporate PAC money hypocrisy is creating more headaches for his campaign.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that while Ossoff told Teen Vogue last year that he wouldn’t be “taking a dime” of corporate PAC money, he has now taken tens of thousands of dollars from them.

Ossoff accepted $20,000 in donations from five PAC’s that accepted $220,000 from healthcare companies, which Ossoff has specifically attacked in his paid television ads. Ossoff appears to be funneling corporate money to his campaign so he can prop up a phony promise that he never had any intention of keeping.

“Jon Ossoff continues to show that he’s the most dishonest politician in Georgia,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff is spreading lies in his paid TV ads saying he won’t accept corporate PAC money while he’s using corporate PAC money to pay for those ads. If Ossoff can’t be honest about this, what else is he willing to lie about?”

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