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Jon Ossoff Endorses Taxpayer-Funded Payments For Illegal Immigrants


ATLANTA, GA – Privileged liberal Jon Ossoff is endorsing Nancy Pelosi’s efforts to give illegal immigrants access to taxpayer-funded stimulus payments.

A new report from The Washington Free Beacon revealed that Ossoff endorsed Pelosi’s HEROES Act. Among the Pelosi-Ossoff plan’s provisions, federal stimulus checks would be made available to undocumented individuals.

This comes after Ossoff came out in favor of lawless sanctuary city policies, empowering far-left local governments to break federal law and allow criminal illegal immigrants to evade authorities.

“Jon Ossoff’s left-wing, socialist agenda puts illegal immigrants before Georgia families,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff’s eagerness to provide taxpayer-funded benefits to non-citizens – on top of his support for sanctuary cities – truly shows how little regard he has for the rule of law.”

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