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GOP’s Shafer Raises Concerns About Election Planning, Integrity Announces Formation of Elections Competence Task Force


ATLANTA, GA – Raising concerns about preparations for the November 3 General Election, Georgia Republican Party State Chairman David Shafer today announced the formation of an Elections Competence Task Force under the leadership of Atlanta lawyer Jake Evans to “immediately prepare recommendations to preserve the integrity of Georgia’s elections.”

“A fraudulent, unlawful or miscounted vote suppresses and disenfranchises a lawful voter as thoroughly as if that lawful voter was physically turned away from the polling place,” Shafer said.

Shafer identified “multiple threats” to the electoral process:

“First, the state’s voter roll is woefully inaccurate, filled with voters who no longer live where they are registered and, in many cases, no longer live in the state. Elections officials in Georgia’s largest county have ignored lawful challenges.”

“Second, elections officials in several of Georgia’s largest counties do not appear to be taking seriously their responsibility to safeguard the accuracy and integrity of Georgia’s election, counting duplicate votes from the same voter.”

“Third, a barrage of frivolous lawsuits by left-wing organizations seek to eliminate safeguards, sow confusion, and upend the timely and accurate counting of votes. These organizations seem bent on promoting voter fraud, one even offering free legal services to voters who manage to unlawfully vote twice.”

Shafer said that the recommendations of the Task Force would be presented to the State Elections Board and released publicly.  He also indicated that the Georgia Republican Party was preparing to “intervene legally” in pending court cases and may consider legal action of its own if elections official do not follow the law.
The following individuals have been appointed by Chairman Shafer to serve on the Task Force:

Jake Evans, Chairman
Mark Amick
Robert Barker
Chuck Berk
Rick Desai
James Hall
Seth Harp
Joannah Hollis
Carri Johnson
Betsy Kramer
Rich Thompson

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