BREAKING: Jon Ossoff Did Business With Chinese Communists

ATLANTA, GA – A bombshell new report revealed that privileged liberal Jon Ossoff has a business relationship with Chinese Communist Party supporters who have vigorously opposed the democracy movement in Hong Kong.

National Review reports that Ossoff’s company received compensation from PCCW, “a Hong Kong media conglomerate whose owner has spoken out against pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.” To make matters worse, National Review looked into Ossoff’s previous statements and found that he’s been completely silent on human rights in Hong Kong. National Review also noted that “Ossoff did not disclose his ties to PCCW in his initial personal financial disclosure report, which he filed in May,” despite having done business with PCCW for over two years, raising even more questions.

This isn’t the first business relationship for Ossoff that has raised questions. His London-based foreign film company Insight TWI, which he bought with family money, has a long relationship with Al-Jazeera, a news network known as a “mouthpiece for terrorists” whose affiliate AJ+ was forced to register as a foreign agent just this week.

It’s notable that on his personal disclosure, Ossoff only put the minimum $5,000 for his compensation from both PCCW and Al-Jazeera. Ossoff has yet to reveal exactly how much money he received from these entities.

“Between Chinese communists and Al-Jazeera, Jon Ossoff’s company has done business with enablers of human rights abuses and platforms for America’s enemies,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff has tried to build a phony identity as an investigative journalist who fights corruption. If he truly cares about transparency, he must immediately disclose exactly how much money he received in compensation from PCCW and Al-Jazeera over the last seven years. Ossoff must also explain why he reportedly didn’t initially disclose his relationship with PCCW, despite having a two-year business relationship with them.”

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