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VIDEO: Jon Ossoff Staffer: “We Have To Wait For The Boomers To Die Off”
Refers to Georgians as “Rednecks,” Jon Ossoff as “So Progressive”



ATLANTA, GA – Jon Ossoff’s campaign continues to show its disdain for the people of Georgia. A new, shocking video shows an Ossoff staffer describing their election strategy in detail, making numerous disrespectful comments, most notably: “we have to wait for the boomers to die off” while also disparaging Georgians as “rednecks.”

The staffer also admits that Ossoff is “so progressive,” only being “genuine to a certain point,” and says “he can’t show his true self like 100% of the time.” This comes after Ossoff has been running ads in media markets outside Atlanta where he claims he’ll protect the 2nd Amendment, despite having an “F” rating from the NRA. He is also claiming he’ll protect military bases, even though he supported a plan that would’ve cost 26,000 military jobs in Georgia.

“This video shows that Jon Ossoff and his campaign have zero respect for the people of Georgia,” said Georgia GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg. “Ossoff is asking Georgians to elect him, but behind closed doors his staffers call them ‘rednecks’ and wish for them to ‘die off.’ This is disgusting, and his campaign owes the people of our state an apology.”

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