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We Must Send Loeffler And Perdue Back To The Senate


Atlanta, GA — This week, the Republican congressional delegation hammered Jon Ossoff as a “trust fund socialist” who would do Schumer and Pelosi’s bidding while touting their support for Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue. They were joined by Senators Marco Rubio and Rick Scott who campaigned in the state and stressed the importance of keeping the Republican Senate Majority.

Congressman Buddy Carter: “Jon Ossoff is a trust fund socialist. Not to mistake what will happen here if Jon Ossoff is elected. He will be a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer. There’s no question about that.”

Congressman Austin Scott: “… that we keep David and Kelly up there so that we can have someone to offset what Speaker Pelosi intends to do to the military and national security. Just as they talk about defunding the police, I can assure you Speaker Pelosi intends to defund the military.”

Congressman Rick Allen: “We cannot let Jon Ossoff and the Democrats’ radical socialist agenda win.”

Congressman Drew Ferguson: “Jon Ossoff is pushing a radical socialist agenda that would degrade our public safety by defunding the police, ruin our healthcare system by closing hospitals during a pandemic, and threaten our military bases like Fort Benning.”

Senator Marco Rubio: “This is literally the showdown of all showdowns in terms of politics and what it means. We don’t want to win one of them; we want to win both of them. We need to win both of them.”

Senator Rick Scott: “We need to do everything we can to get our votes in as early as possible. We’ve got to do this all across the state. The Democrats believe this is their chance. If they win the Senate, think of all the bad stuff they can pass.”

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