Jon Out-of-Touch Ossoff and Radical Raphael have more support among liberal coastal elites than they do among the people of Georgia. 

Last week, prominent liberals including failed presidential candidate Andrew Yang and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman began calling for Democrats to move to Georgia to commit voter fraud ahead of the voter registration deadline. 

Yesterday, the San Francisco Chronicle detailed Californians’ work to influence the Georgia Senate runoffs, noting: “Nearly 80% of the money raised in the fall campaign for Warnock, the Democrat running against Loeffler, came from outside Georgia.”

Today, a Washington Post reporter is sharing a new TikTok mocking Georgia voters. The coastal elites and their allies in the media are working overtime to influence the runoffs because they don’t think Georgians can think for themselves. 

As you consider Californians’ attempts to influence the election, you may use this comment: “First coastal elites sent money, then their time. Now they’re seeking to move and commit voter fraud and mocking the Georgians they seek to influence. These coastal elites care more about electing Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer than they do about Radical Raphael Warnock and Jon Out-of-Touch Ossoff, and Georgians will not be fooled by their attempts to influence the Senate runoffs. The good people of Georgia will send Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue back to fight for their Georgia values.” – Abigail Sigler, GA GOP Spokeswoman

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