Chuck Schumer is desperate to elect Radical Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, saying, “Now we take Georgia, then we change America.” As Chuck Schumer celebrates his 70th birthday today, his birthday wishlist shows exactly why he needs Radical Raphael and Out-Of-Touch Ossoff so badly. They’ll back his extreme liberal agenda every time, but Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will continue fighting to stop his radical wishlist from becoming reality.


Chuck Schumer’s Birthday Wishlist

  • Defund The Police
  • Implement The Radical Socialist Agenda
  • Open Our Borders
  • Pack The Court With Left-Wing Judges
  • Embolden Communist China
  • Implement The Green New Deal
  • Raise Your Taxes
  • Implement Government-Run Healthcare
  • Send Your Tax Dollars To Fund Abortions
  • Give Illegal Immigrants The Right To Vote
  • Confirm Radical Activist Judges
  • Cut Military Funding
  • Decriminalize Illegal Immigration
  • Make Washington, D.C. A State
  • Grant Statehood To Puerto Rico
  • Greenlight Big Tech Censorship 
  • Abolish The Electoral College
  • Take Away Your Guns
  • Make You Completely Dependent On The Government
  • Abolish The Filibuster
  • Take Away The Healthcare You Get At Your Job
  • Increase Taxpayer Dollars To Pay For Abortion


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