Last week, Fox News reported that anti-police BLM PAC pledged $500,000 to support the Ossoff-Warnock ticket, and in a recent interview, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, stressed that BLM PAC was going all in for Warnock and Ossoff saying:

“For our PAC, we are going to focus all of our efforts on Georgia for the Senate runoff elections. We’re coordinating a coalition of Black-led organizations to ensure we’re working together and putting all of our resources together in the best way possible. We’ll be phone banking, texting, knocking doors, running ads in digital and TV to help not just replicate but improve upon the record turnout we saw in November …Georgia will decide who controls the Senate, and if we win, then we’ll have the political environment for progressive and affirmative legislative agenda ideas.

BLM PAC supports a number of radical policy positions, including defunding the police, emptying prisons, and abolishing ICE, along with a litany of other proposals that would weaken public safety. They are backing Jon Ossoff and Radical Raphael Warnock because they know they will fight for their extreme socialist agenda.

“Far-left activists, including BLM PAC, are going all-in on the Ossoff-Warnock ticket because they need Radical Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Senate to implement their extreme left-wing agenda,” said GA GOP Spokeswoman Abigail Sigler. “We cannot allow that to happen. We must send Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler back to the Senate. They are the only ones we can trust to stand up for law and order and ensure our law enforcement officers have the resources they need to keep our communities safe.”


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