Jon Ossoff has made it explicitly clear that he supports a national lockdown. Yesterday, on CNN, Ossoff repeatedly said he would support a shutdown. His comments follow a recent ad, in which he said he would empower “medical experts to implement a national health strategy.” Let’s be clear: a “national health strategy” is just another name for a national lockdown.

This is the second time Ossoff has called to shutter small businesses, as he repeatedly attacked Senators Loeffler and Perdue for fighting for the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act that saved over 1.5 million jobs in Georgia.

As the country continues to recover from the economic impact of the coronavirus, it’s abundantly clear that our country cannot afford another shutdown. But a national shutdown is at the top of the radical Democrats’ agenda – and they need Jon Ossoff and Radical Raphael Warnock to complete this next step in their relentless march towards socialism. And now, Jon Ossoff has taken it on as one of his top priorities.

“First Jon Ossoff criticized legislation that saved over 1.5 million Georgia jobs, and now, he’s called for a national shutdown that would shutter our businesses and kill jobs all over again,” said GA GOP Spokeswoman Abigail Sigler. “Jon Ossoff is another trust fund socialist who has no idea what it takes to run a small business. He would run our economy into the ground, and he simply cannot be trusted to fight for Georgians.”

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