Today, Democrat Jon Ossoff campaigned with a very small crowd and pro-amnesty, pro-open border, pro-sanctuary city failed presidential candidate Julian Castro.

A look at Radical Julian Castro’s record:

“Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi want to open our borders, abolish ICE, grant blanket amnesty, and put illegal immigrants on a government-run health care program paid for by you – the American taxpayer – and they need Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock to do it,” said Abigail Sigler GA GOP Spokeswoman. “Jon Ossoff is campaigning today with Julian Castro, showing Georgians exactly who he would back if he were to get to Washington. He would support radical immigration policies that would fundamentally change the America we know and love. Simply put, Jon Ossoff is too radical for Georgia.”

Remember, if you don’t vote, illegal immigrants will.


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