Atlanta, Georgia – GA GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg yesterday submitted a complaint to the Senate Select Committee on Ethics regarding Jon Ossoff knowingly failing to disclose that he was compensated by PCCW Media Limited, which has links to the Chinese Communist Party.

Speaking about the complaint, GA GOP Executive Director Stewart Bragg said, “Jon Ossoff tried to hide his connection to a media company with direct ties to the Communist Chinese government. We’re asking the Senate Ethics Committee to look into this further, because we believe this was an intentional effort to conceal information from the people of Georgia.”

The complaint reads in part:

The Senate Select Committee on Ethics should investigate Ossoff’s willful failure to file the required information on the Public Financial Disclosure. Moreover, your office should investigate whether there is “reason to believe” that Ossoff willfully failed to file the required report, and thus ask the Attorney General of the United States to impose up to $50,000 in civil penalties.

You can read the complaint in full HERE. 

This is the second ethics complaint filed this week against Ossoff. On Sunday, Bragg filed an FEC complaint against Ossoff and called for an investigation into coordination between the Ossoff campaign and a Chuck Schumer affiliated Super PAC. You can read that complaint HERE.

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