Earlier this week, a firsthand account confirmed the child abuse that occurred under Raphael Warnock’s purview at Camp Farthest Out in the early 2000s. Just last week, newly uncovered police bodycam footage revealed deeply troubling domestic abuse allegations from Raphael Warnock’s ex-wife.

Warnock has yet to be asked a serious question about these allegations. The media has deprived Georgians of critical answers as they prepare to decide who represents them in the Senate and determines the future of our country.

“The allegations that have surfaced over the last week involving Raphael Warnock are deeply disturbing and run counter to the very image that Warnock has concocted for himself – the news media owe it to Georgians to ask him even the most basic questions about it,” said GA GOP Spokeswoman Abigail Sigler. “Georgians are about to decide who they want to represent them in Washington, and in which direction they want our country to be taken. They deserve to know who the real Raphael Warnock is – and it’s the media’s job to examine every credible charge. At this point, we can only surmise that the media’s failure to uphold this responsibility is designed to influence the outcome of this election.”

Does Raphael Warnock know Anthony Washington? Is Warnock aware that urine was thrown on Washington while he was a camper at Camp Farthest Out? Is Warnock aware that Washington was forced to sleep outside while he was a camper at Camp Farthest Out?


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