Where will the 2021 State Convention be located?

Under the leadership of Chairman David Shafer, a Convention Site Selection Committee has been established. This committee is reviewing all possible options for a safe and productive State Convention under COVID-19 restrictions.

Why should I attend?

This is the best opportunity you will have to interact with Republicans across the state in one place and elect the leadership of the Georgia Republican Party going into the critical 2022 election cycle.

Knowing that this has been a tough year, we are working to create a State Convention experience that will be a fun getaway for the entire family.

How do I become a delegate?

We encourage you to attend the Caucus meeting in your county first to begin the process of becoming a Delegate or an Alternate. The Caucus Meeting is where you sign up to be a Delegate or an Alternate to the County Convention. At the County Convention you are elected to be a Delegate or Alternate to the District and/or State Convention.

What costs are associated with the Convention process?

In most instances, County Parties will ask for a participation fee to cover operating costs for Convention activities.

For the State Convention, the Convention Committee is working with GAGOP staff and vendors to create a Convention budget. We are working to negotiate the best contracts with our vendors and location contacts. That being said, there will be fees to participate in the Convention and Convention activities to offset expenses. Fees will be announced once a location has been decided and contracts have been finalized.

Can I attend as a guest?

All are invited to attend the 2021 State Convention! There will be a fee to attend the State Convention as a guest and we welcome all Georgia Republicans to watch the proceedings.

Are there hotel room blocks?

We are working on finalizing hotel room blocks and will post a list as soon as it is complete.

Can I bring my family with me?

Yes! There will be fun activities available for the entire family throughout the Convention weekend. Once the location is announced we will release a list of activities that you and your family will be able to participate in with a GAGOP discount.

Will COVID-19 safety measures be implemented at the Convention?

Within the Convention room, social distancing and PPE requirements will be in place to protect all who attend the meeting.