5 Questions Stacey Abrams Doesn’t Want You To Ask Her

In the race for governor, Stacey Abrams is walking a tight rope. She has to convince Georgia voters that she’s not a left-wing radical while appeasing her base and leftist, out-of-state donors. On the campaign trail, the Yale-trained lawyer and career politician dances gracefully around tough issues. These are the questions she hopes you will never ask.

1. Abrams refuses to answer questions about her tax scandal. Abrams made a million dollars in five years as a tax attorney and chose to loan her campaign $50,000 rather than pay her $54,000 tax bill.

Why would a tax attorney make over $1 MILLION, refuse to pay her taxes, but loan her campaign $50,000?

2. At a campaign stop in Dalton, Abrams revealed her plans to bankrupt the HOPE scholarship by offering the program to illegal immigrants.

How does Stacey Abrams plan to pay for thousands of new enrollees in a program that experiences budget concerns every year? Does she support in-state tuition for illegal immigrants?

3. Stacey Abrams already admitted she only supports Medicaid expansion as a way to achieve universal, government-run healthcare. No wonder Bernie Sanders endorsed her!

The Sanders-Abrams plan for healthcare would cost our nation $34 TRILLION – how much would that cost the taxpayers of Georgia?

4. Abrams has a personal financial stake in her own “Jobs Plan”. Abrams claims that her job creation platform includes creating a $10 million small business financing program. Such a program would likely fund NOWaccount, a financial services company that Abrams has a financial stake in.

Abrams company already received state contracts while she was in the legislature; how can voters trust she won’t use this government program to pad her own pockets?

5. Abrams’ agenda appeals more to New Yorkers and Californians than it does to Georgians. 71% of her campaign dollars are from out of state – and half of that out of state money is from New York and California alone.

How can voters trust her to not bring California values and policies to Georgia when they are funding her campaign?