“America is at a crossroads and the direction we take will be decided here in Georgia. The stakes are too high for us to choose the wrong road. Please help us now beat back the Democrats.”

– David Shafer, Chairman, Georgia Republican Party


Please see below for descriptions of the volunteer types we are looking for:

Phone Caller – Work from home using a convenient app to call voters and encourage turnout for the January 5 runoff.

Door-to-Door Canvasser – Use a convenient app to knock on doors and encourage turnout for the January 5 runoff.

Lawyer – Offer assistant preparing affidavits and other legal work.

Poll Watcher – Assigned to monitor polling locations during Early Voting and on Election Day, to ensure each polling location is administering the election properly.

Absentee Ballot Monitor – Observe the opening and scanning of the absentee ballots at the county elections office, and observe the tabulating of absentee ballots, Early Vote ballots, and Election Day ballots.


Time and Talent


President Trump has requested a recount. Join the recount team as an observer, monitor, or volunteer lawyer.

We will be knocking doors and making calls to turn out the vote on Tuesday, January 5.  Join our volunteer team now.

We will need poll watchers at every polling place beginning December 14 for Election Day on Tuesday, January 5.

We will need absentee ballot monitors to watch the counting of absentee ballots in the weeks leading up to the runoff election on Tuesday, January 5.

We are recruiting for our runoff field operation. If you are available for paid field work between now and Tuesday, January 5, send your resume to stewart@gagop.org.




Donate directly to the Georgia Republican Party to pay our legal and staff expenses in the audit and recount of the general election and our ballot integrity efforts in the runoff elections.

Donate directly to the Georgia Republican Party to help pay our expenses turning out Republican voters for the runoff elections for Senator David Perdue, Senator Kelly Loeffler and Commissioner Bubba McDonald.