What is a Poll Watcher?

A poll watcher is someone who is designated by a political party to observe the election process at a polling location. This is a volunteer role. 

What is a Poll Worker?

Poll workers are a necessary role in performing electoral duties at a polling location. Unlike poll watchers, poll workers apply to their county boards of election and are paid for their work. Additionally, poll workers are trained by the county. 


Poll watchers must receive training and sign up with a local GOP county party. There is no residency requirement, so poll watchers can observe in any county they choose to do so.

Poll workers will be expected to work a full day to cover election hours. To serve as a poll worker, you must: be a U.S. citizen, 16 years of age or older, a resident of or employed by the county in which applying to serve (or serve in an adjoining county with your home county’s permission), an upright citizen, have the ability to read and write and speak English, and not be on the ballot or closely related to a candidate.