About the GAGOP

The Georgia Republican Party

The Georgia Republican Party Works Tirelessly with Our Donors, Activists and Candidates to Elect Republicans and Continue the Tradition of Conservative Leadership.

Run Harder. Win Bigger.

GAGOP Leadership

Josh McKoon, Chairman

Jason Thompson, National Committeeman

Ginger Howard, National Committeewoman

Brian Pritchard, First Vice Chairman

David Cross, Second Vice-Chairman

Caroline Jeffords, Secretary

Suzi Voyles, Assistant Secretary

Laurie McClain, Treasurer

Jenny Eckman, Assistant Treasurer

Salleigh Grubbs, Over 80K Chair

Kathy Hurley, Under 80K Chair

David Shafer, Chairman Emeritus


Travis Bowden | Executive Director 

Karen Hentschel | Accounting Director  


Kandiss Taylor, District 1 Chairwoman

Tyler Johnson, District 2 Chairman

Mike Crane, District 3 Chairman

Jim Duffie, District 4 Chairman

Brad Carver, District 5 Chairman

Donna Watson, District 6 Chairman

Louis Tseng, District 7 Chairman

Chan Jones, District 8 Chairman

Carl Blackburn, District 9 Chairman

James Cooper, District 10 Chairman

David Oles, District 11 Chairman

Michael Wiltse, District 12 Chairman

Bob Hinton, District 13 Chairman

Denise Burns, District 14 Chairwoman

GAGOP State Party Rules