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The Georgia Republican Party Works Tirelessly with Our Donors, Activists and Candidates to Elect Republicans and Continue the Tradition of Conservative Leadership.


I am a proud Georgia Republican.

For 15 years, Republicans have maintained “red-state” status, holding majorities in both Chambers of the Georgia General Assembly and in Congress, and keeping a conservative voice in every statewide Constitutional office.

However, the continuation of our Republican majorities is in jeopardy. To elect Republicans up and down the ballot, we must energize our base and grow the strength of our Party.

Indeed, Republicans have a vision of prosperity and a message of promise and need to take this message into African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and other communities on a daily basis if we are to continue winning. We must be on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat recruiting and persuading millennials. And with your time and treasure we will be at people’s doors and in people’s mailbox with a simple message:

If you are a taxpayer, you should be a Republican. If you believe in a more prosperous future, you should be a Republican. If you value life, you should be a Republican. And most importantly, if you believe that the Constitution is the guiding document of our nation, you should be a Republican.

I’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of backwards Democratic policies, and as your Chairman, I will fight alongside you every day for all the conservative principles of our party to ensure another victory on tomorrow’s horizon.

Please look around the site and see how you can get involved with the Georgia Republican Party’s ceaseless efforts to maintain our “red state” status. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter to connect with likeminded conservatives, and subscribe to our e-newsletter to stay engaged.

Thank you for taking a few moments to read more about the Georgia Republican Party. It is an honor to serve you as Chairman and I hope to see you soon!

John K. Watson, Chairman

Run Harder. Win Bigger.

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GAGOP Leadership


John Watson, Chairman
Jason Thompson, National Committeeman
Ginger Howard, National Committeewoman
Carolyn Fisher, First Vice Chairman
Debbie McCord, Second Vice-Chairman
Kirk Shook, Secretary
BJ Van Gundy, Assistant Secretary
Mansell McCord, Treasurer
Chuck Welch, Assistant Treasurer


Stewart Bragg | Executive Director | stewart@gagop.org
Karen Hentschel | Accounting Director | karen@gagop.org


John Wood, District 1 Chairman
Joseph Brannan, District 2 Chairman
Mike Crane, District 3 Chairman
Rachel Little, District 4 Chairman
John Bush, District 5 Chairman
Darryl Wilson, District 6 Chairman
Joel Natt, District 7 Chairman
Chris West, District 8 Chairman
Bruce Azevedo, District 9 Chairman
Karen Schwind, District 10 Chairman
Brad Carver, District 11 Chairman
Buck Moon, District 12 Chairman
Matt Stout, District 13 Chairman
Ed Painter, District 14 Chairman

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John Watson, Chairman • Mansell McCord, Treasurer